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Ten things Thursday

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  1. For your weekend gatherings: Absolute chocolate’s Paleo cinnamon rolls. They’re so good its tough not to feel like you are cheating.
  2. For the long weekend drive: Listen to Tim Ferris’s Podcast with Derek Sivers on developing confidence, finding happiness, and saying no to Millions.
  3. For brain banter: Take this 30 second quiz to find out if you’re right brained or left brained
  4. For a good laugh: the MSQRD app, it has just filled a void in our life we didn’t know we were missing.
  5. For a movie that’s definitely going to be a crowd pleaser: Rotten tomatoes gave this a 96% rating- The Spotlight. We personally cannot wait to watch this.
  6. For your weekend packing essentials: We love Bellora for chic travel gear
  7. For some chill background music: Leon Bridges’ album Coming Home is wonderfully smooth and soulful
  8. For more meaningful conversations: read this
  9. For a breather: Take a long walk with a good friend. We recommend the walk along the Scientific Center or a few turns around Al Shaheed Park.
  10. For a little framed inspiration: check out our exclusive prints in store.


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