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Interiors: A Candid look into my son's Nursery room

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When I took on the project of designing my son's nursery, I really did not have a clear design vision like I did with my daughter's room but I had two main goals; to keep it neutral, have a design that he grows into rather than something that he quickly grows out of. Secondly, I really wanted to keep it within a certain budget.

As with any design project, I always start off with a mood board on Pinterest to get my creative juices flowing. I was heavily influenced by the minimalist Scandinavian design aesthetic, and I knew I wanted to go for a neutral color palette. I kept the budget low by re-furbrishing my daughter's nursery furniture and adding affordable pieces from local stores with a few splurges.

Here's a closer look...

The bed, changing table and cupboard were all hand me downs from my daughter who outgrew them. They were originally off white and I repainted them cotton white (I used non VOC paint by Benjamin Moore), and replaced the old hardware with new black brass knobs to give the furniture new life (I purchased them online from Myknobs.com). 

From previous experience I knew that I wanted parque flooring, as it is much easier to clean, retains its sleek clean look for years to come, and does not wear and tear like fitted carpets do (I loved the selection at Abyat, and they were quite affordable too). I went for white walls as well to make the room bright and airy.

funnily enough, the whole room was designed around a rug that I fell in love with initially. Its bold grey and white striped print was just the right balance between minimal and striking.

Accessories included, simple wall shelves and a chair from Ikea, a beautiful grey mirror I found at the White company and plush animals all around.

My favorite feature would have to be the wall stars that I custom made for the room. I found something similar on Pinterest and had to recreate it. They add just the right dose of whimsy, that i believe every child's room should have!

And speaking of whimsy, I love baby jives co.'s mobiles  and got my son this one which has taken a little beating, as my son has decided to use the rain strings to aid him in pulling himself up!

My son's room like many of my personal projects is still a work in progress (hence the lack of drapes) but I have enjoyed sharing this stage with you and i hope you have enjoyed reading about it too!

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  • Hi Reem, Thank you :) .. The Elephant is from Restoration Hardware (Baby and child)

    farah on
  • Great post! Do you mind sharing where you got the big grey elephant from?

    Reem on

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