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C&C Travels: A day in NYC

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New York is filled with wonderful attractions, and as such herds upon herds of tourists. This often leaves the first time visitor overwhelmed and rather unimpressed. It is only when you decide to hop off the bus tour to the empire state building and its associates, and step into the subway heading to Brooklyn that you get a real feel for the city. Away from the crowd of tourists. It is not any less crowded or muggy or noisy, but the city’s bustle has an unforgettable character. The key to truly getting to the heart of the city is to holiday like a local. Without further adieu, here are a few things that are sending us off into a day dream about how we would spend a day in the city:


  •  Let’s start off with the lifeblood of Gotham City: The subway.

Many people are accustomed to using Uber or the infamous yellow cabs to get around the city. Before you turn your nose on public transport here us out. There is no better way to get to know a city than through its inhabitants. So what better way than to rub shoulders with them in a cramped vessel?! Alright, we have to admit.. It can get a little weird sometimes, and a lot grimy… But there is a wonderful sense of localness that is hard to capture elsewhere. We particularly love the musicians you find along the way; a guitarist strumming a listless melody, a jazz trio strumming a stellar tune, or a violin’s rendition of the Star War’s theme song..
  • There are more top rated places to eat than there are days in a year. Here are a few of our favorites:
    • Breakfast: Café Cluny: We love the cozy, romantic, laid-back atmosphere.
    • Quick Lunch: Los Tacos No.1 located in Chelsea market. A kiosk in a nook of Chelsea Market , where you most likely would have to eat standing. The taste though, will bring you to your knees.
    • Dinner: The little owl. It is an unassuming restaurant with beautifully cooked dishes and such a cozy atmosphere
    • Something sweet: Levain Bakery for heavenly cookies.

  • Speaking of food. What is New York without Pizza? We loved the New York pizza Project that celebrates old school pizza joints. And here is a pizza place we would love to try on our next trip.
  • We love stumbling upon eclectic multi brand stores while walking around the city:A recent fun find was opening ceremony in Soho. The NYC times aptly called it “a high-fashion version of a cultural-exchange program”. Such a cool space.
  • Have a fun(ny) night out: Upright Citizens Brigade’s ASSSSCAT improv show featuring SNL regulars, including Amy Poehler and Horatio Sanz.


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